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Following Westlife’s record-breaking 2019 reunion tour “The Twenty Tour”, which saw them performing to over 600,000 fans across 27 cities, Shane, Kian, Mark, Nicky will hit the road once again with the brand new “The Wild Dreams Tour”, in support of their 12th studio album, released in November 2021.
The global pop kings kicked off their tour in summer this year, playing across the UK, including a sold-out headline show at London’s iconic Wembley Stadium that was shown live in cinemas across the UK and Europe.
“The Wild Dreams Tour” will see Westlife returning to multiple cities in Asia in February 2023, including Singapore, performing their greatest hits “Swear It Again”, “Flying Without Wings”, “World Of Our Own”, “My Love”, “If I Let You Go”, “Uptown Girl”, “Hello My Love” as well as fresh pop anthems from their new album.



♦Date & Time:2023/02/26 (SUN) 7PM (The actual performance time is based on on-site situation)
♦Venue : Kaohsiung Arena  
♦Ticket Prices:NT$4,800 / NT$3,800 / NT$3,300 / NT$2,800 / NT$2,000 (All seated with allocated seats)

*Tickets available for collection 5 days prior to the show.


♦Ticket Info:

🎫 General Sale:2022/10/27 (THU) 12PM

🎫 Live Nation Taiwan Member Presale : 2022/10/26 (WED) 12PM – 5PM (Credit Card Payment Only)
 (Register to Live Nation Taiwan Membership at www.livenation.com.tw and subscribe to our newsletter before the presale period ends. Log in to your account at the Live Nation Taiwan site and click the presale button on the event page to enter the presale ticketing page on 2022/10/26 (WED) 12PM – 5PM Taiwan local time.)

🎫 Taiwan Mobile / MyMusic membership exclusive purchase : 2022/10/27 (THU) 12PM – 2022/10/30 (SUN) 12PM (Credit Card Payment Only)
(Limited tickets of price NT$4,800 / 3800 / 3300 / 2800 for this exclusive purchase, please insert the unique promo code received from Taiwan Mobile / MyMusic for verification, up to 2 tickets per code. Please contact Taiwan Mobile for further information.)


➡ More Event Info: www.livenation.com.tw
Live Nation Taiwan Member Presale Guide: http://bit.ly/lnpreHP
Live Nation Member Registration Guide: http://bit.ly/lnregister


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📍 Tickets are limited for the presale session, and does not indicate seats will be better than other sale sessions. tixCraft Ticketing and Live Nation Taiwan Website are different websites. To attend Live Nation Taiwan Members presale, please be sure to register on both websites.

📍 There will be Security Check upon entry. No food and beverage (except water) and any form of professional video, audio recording equipment, professional photo cameras and selfie sticks are allowed in the venue. There are NO lockers at the venue. The promoter has the right to deny entry if you violate regulations and can ask you to seek elsewhere to store items that aren’t allowed entry. For more entry regulations, please check the Live Nation Taiwan website www.livenation.com.tw or social media (@livenationtw) including Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates.

📍In accordance with the updated public health measure by CDC, temperature check is required upon entry (individuals with forehead temperature above 37.5℃ are not allowed to enter the venue); Masks are required throughout the performance and in indoor spaces at all times.

📍 The promoter reserves the right to change these terms & conditions at any time.

The layout below is not drawn to scale and is subject to change.

The layout below is not drawn to scale and is subject to change.1

  1. Tickets can be refunded within three days of purchase. A service fee of 5% of the ticket prices will be charged for ticket refund. For discount ticket applicants, you must be able to present valid documents upon purchase and entry on show day. The total amount of refund tickets for each person/show should not exceed the limit quantity of each show in all circumstances.
  2. No suitcase of any kind, food and beverages except bottled water, electronic devices capable of filming or recording other than a mobile phone, selfie sticks and hazardous object are allowed. There will be security check while entry. Any items against Security regulations will not be allowed for Entry. Please arrive in advance for security check to avoid late entry. There are no lockers at the venue, if you have any luggage or any prohibited items, please don't bring to the venue. For concert general guideline and security regulations, please go to Live Nation Taiwan website www.livenation.com.tw or follow Live Nation Taiwan Facebook page www.facebook.com/livenationtw/ .
  3. One ticket is valid for one person (including children) ONLY for the date on the ticket.
  4. Please read these terms and conditions and check the content of your order carefully. The transaction is non-cancellable once the payment is complete.
  5. Tickets cannot be re-issued, refunded, or exchanged if they are lost, damaged, burned, or not recognizable. Tickets which have been altered / tampered / defaced and copies / scans of tickets are invalid.
  6. There are some fans purchased tickets from non-official ticketing system such as secondary-ticket-selling websites. Artist management would like to appeal to all the fans not to buy secondary concert tickets. Please visit official ticketing website – tixCraft. tixCraft will release available tickets from time to time, please pay attention to it. There are possibilities of unable to enter due to secondary tickets’ controversy, please protect your own rights and interest through purchasing tickets from OFFICIAL ticketing.
  7. Tickets which are bought in any resale platforms at a greater price than the official price are not refundable under all circumstances. The promoter reserves the right to report to police according to the Social Order Maintenance Law Article 64-2.
  8. Please follow the concert regulations, for those who violate the rules, we might restrict you from attending the concert and reserves the right to pursue legal actions. In case the event is postponed or cancelled, the promoter is not responsible for traffic or accommodation compensation, and will only refund the face value of the ticket.
  9. No Professional cameras, Audio and Video recording equipment or radio scanning/jamming equipment. Once any recording actions are taken, we will have to delete the contents in your memory cards. For those who violate the rules, we will ask you to leave the venue and restrict you from entry.
  10. During the performance,
    • Please don't stand on any chairs for safety reason.
    • Please don't raise any support boards or cellphones to block other’s view.
    • Please don't throw any kinds of light sticks, bottles or cans or objects may cause damage.
    • The staff members have the right to request violators to leave the venue.
  11. For Lost Seat Tickets: Dial 02-8772-9835 or Contact us at your earliest convenience. Please bring police report, proof of purchase and your photo ID and go to the tixCraft ticket booth before 6:00PM on show day to sign the certification document. Once show starts and the seat is confirmed as not occupied, you will be able to enter. However, if anyone with the ticket shows up and he/she will be the priority, audience who lose tickets need to re-purchase ticket for admission. We may report to police station if there is controversy.
  12. Reissue of tickets is not available, please keep your tickets well. Please check Live Nation Taiwan Official Facebook Page for admission guidelines https://www.facebook.com/livenationtw/. The promoter reserves the right to alter / amend / modify or cancel the event without notice.
  13. For further questions, please contact our customer service at 02-8772-9835 (service time: Mon. through Fri., 10:00-12:30 and 13:30-18:00, unavailable on national holidays) or email to tixcraft@tixcraft.com
  1. Your tixCraft account may start purchasing tickets after your mobile phone number is successfully verified.
  2. Up to 4 tickets are allowed per order. In order to accelerate your order process, you may choose "Computer generated" for seat selection.
  3. You can choose "Credit Card" (online only) or "ATM Money Transfer" as your payment method. Please note the ATM card you use must be registered by Taiwan bank and please finish your transaction via ATM money transfer within 1 hour after the order is confirmed.
  4. After 2023/02/23, payment method is "Credit Card" only.
  5. "Credit Card" (online only)
    • VISA, MASTER, and JCB cards are acceptable for credit card payment. UnionPay, American Express and Diners credit cards are not acceptable.
    • If your transaction is failed or declined by paying with credit cards, please always check your order status on our website whether the order is confirmed.
  6. "ATM Money Transfer"
    • Bank transfer over the counter is not allowed.
    • Paying with a non-Cathay Bank ATM card or at a non-Cathay Bank ATM machine will be charged NT$15 as extra bank charges.
  7. If you have any unpaid orders or if your payment for any orders has failed in your account, you will need to wait until the system automatically deletes the previous orders for the next purchase.
  8. If there is a refund ticket, the system will automatically release the seat back to the system.

♦You only can choose "ibon取票(Pick up Via ibon)" as your collection method.

  1. 5 days before the event starts (2023/02/21), you can go to the "order history" to check the "Ticket Pickup Serial Number" and "Ticket Pickup Number", and then you can pickup the tickets at 7-11 ibon Kiosk in Taiwan.
  2. Please get your tickets printed at your nearest 7-11 ibon Kiosk in Taiwan.
  3. Tickets pickup at 7-11 ibon kiosk process:
    • Please read and follow the ticket pickup instructions shown in "Order History". Make sure you print the "Order History" page or remember your "Ticket Pickup Serial Number" and "Ticket Pickup Number"
    • Go to your nearest 7-11 CVS and get your tickets printed with the following steps.
      1. Find an ibon kiosk at the 7-11 CVS.
      2. Please click "票券中心" → "售票系統" → "取票" → "拓元售票系統" at ibon.
      3. Please input your "Ticket Pickup Serial Number" and "Ticket Pickup Number" respectively and print the voucher.
      4. Please bring the voucher to the cashier in the same 7-11 CVS and get your tickets printed. Please note an amount of NT$30 in cash per order as service fee will be charged upon ticket pickup at 7-11 CVS.
  4. Orders that have been paid couldn't be refunded if you exceed the time limit to collect your tickets.
  1. Please read our FAQ for the complete regulations on refunding tickets announced by Ministry of Culture. The rules of refund for this event is as follows.
  2. 5% of the ticket price will be charged as service fee for all refunded tickets unless the concert is cancelled due to force majeure.
  3. The tickets can be refunded but may not be exchanged. Please apply for a refund within 3 days after the ticket purchase. Ex:
    • If the purchase date is 2022/10/25, then the deadline for the refund application is 2022/10/28.
    • If the purchase date is 2022/10/26, then the deadline for the refund application is 2022/10/29.
    • If the purchase date is 2022/10/27, then the deadline for the refund application is 2022/10/30.
  4. Refund Process:
    • Pay by Credit Card
      1. If the tickets have been picked up, please download and complete the ticket refund application form, and return the form with your original tickets by using registered mail to: tixCraft Customer Service Department 10F, No.270, Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 10551, Taiwan. The ticket prices minus the refund service fee will be refunded to your credit card account.
      2. If the tickets have not been picked up yet, to refund with [Online Refund Application]: Log into your account on the tixCraft website and click on "Order History". Find the order that you want to refund and click on the "Online Refund Application/Progress Inquiry" button. Lastly, select the ticket(s) that you want to refund and hit submit. Your refund application has now been submitted and the system will review your application. You will see that your ticket's Action status will change to "Reviewing Refund". The ticket prices minus the refund service fee will be refunded to your credit card account.
      3. It may take up to 20 working days (start from the date when the application is received) to complete the refund process by tixCraft. After the refund process is done, money will be sent to the credit card company. The time for each card issuing bank to process the credits back to your account is different. Please check with your card issuing bank for the actual time the refund to appear on the statement.
    • Pay by ATM Money Transfer
      1. If the tickets have been picked up, please download and complete the ticket refund application form. Please have one copy of your passbook (valid domestic account in Taiwan only) and the completed application form with your original tickets sent by registered mail to: tixCraft Customer Service Department 10F, No.270, Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 10551, Taiwan. The copy of your passbook must show bank’s name and branch, account holder’s name and account number clearly.
      2. If the tickets have not been picked up yet, please complete the refund application form before the refund deadline, click on [Contact Us], fill in the required fields, and upload your refund application form and any other supporting documents as an attachment and submit your request to us. You can scan or simply take a photo of your refund application form and supporting documents, but please make sure that the photo quality is legible.
      3. The refund process may take up to 20 working days (start from the date when the application is received).
  5. Please check your order at "Order History" at tixCraft website after 5 working days. Your order status should be "Refund due to personal reasons". If your order status does not change, please contact us immediately by phone or email for confirmation.

※Please read and agree to all the terms and conditions before placing the order. Purchasing or refunding is treated as fully agreeing to all the rules above.